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Why Hire Bryan Majors?


Why Hire Bryan Majors? Your investment in Bryan will pay off right away by making it easier for your students to achieve better preparation, focus performance results, and clarify the objectives of their goals unleashing a new-found team focus. Your school/university vision and mission statement will become clearer by implementing Bryan’s Leadership Based Learning Solutions now more than ever! Bryan delivers an immediately actionable ROI. Bryan is a preparation and focus expert who knows how to hold audiences' attention like an entertainer, yet can transcend a teaching point into an attainable learning objective.

Bryan works daily researching and studying cutting edge strategies to help students in the world of empowering preparation to magnify their success. Since 2012, Bryan has delivered over 500 programs, and he’s helped conference attendees achieve maximum levels of PREPARATION and FOCUS.


What sets BRYAN MAJORS apart from the rest of the speaking industry is his professional appeal, ability to connect with any audience, unique charismatic style, blazing lyrical delivery, intelligent awareness, an unbelievable memory, recall ability, and full-time commitment to his craft to speak from his heart. Each presentation is tailored to reinforce the theme and purpose of your school/university goals. Bryan will spend quality time with your school/university customizing your presentation to meet the needs of your event.


Bryan’s style is SUPERCHARGED, SHOW-STOPPING and completely result-driven. Baring the truth through the power of the spoken word, Bryan has mastered the art and science of understanding what an audience is hungry for and feeding that hunger with a passionate presentation that is tastefully packed with factual dialogue that moves people to immediate action. Bryan delivers thought-provoking, high-quality presentations that reinforce the goals of your event while leading everyone to greatness.

Email: bookbryanmajors@gmail.com (Why Hire Bryan Majors from) for full Hiring Information.